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Courses conducted by JC INTEGRA Duration
Transactional Analysis and Building Relationships in an Academic Environment 2 days
Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling: A Helping Process for Effective Performance Appraisal 2 days
Understanding a Loving Relationship with Healthy Communication 1 day
Crisis Intervention in Critical Incidents:
Part 1: Understanding Stress and Crisis
Part 2: Crisis Interventions
2 days
Known what is Sexual Harassment and Managing Sexual Harassment at the Workplace 1 day
Leveraging Customer Service through Psychology 2 days
Towards Service Excellence – Understanding the Psychology of Customers 2 days
Developing People for Higher Performance at the Workplace 2 days
Achieving Personal & Professional Success at the Workplace 2 days
Using Mentoring, Coaching, Consulting, Correcting and Counselling Competencies 1 day
Achieving Personal & Professional Success 3 days
Workplace Crisis and Trauma: Peer Support Group 2 days
Emerging as an Emotional Warrior in Challenging Situations 1 day
The Coaching Conversation for Higher Performance and Work Improvements 2 days
Partners: Soar As One 2 days
Engaging Employees Thru’ Professional Feedback 1 day
Leveraging Family Relationships Through Psychology 2 days
Celebrating and Leveraging Diversities: Team Building 1 day
Supporting the Cancer Patients and Next-of-kin 2 days
Managing Relocation in the Workplace ½ day
Using Transactional Analysis for Self-Awareness and Relationship Management (TASARM) (WSQ) 2 days
Personal and Social Climber – What Makes Me Tick 2 days
Transactional Analysis for Customer Training (TACT) for Financial Services 2 days
Handling Challenging Situations through Psychology 2 days
Building Mental and Emotional Resilience 2 days




This two-day programme is designed to focus on developing the coaching and helping competencies of managers and supervisors.  It is particularly appropriate for supervisory staff who are in the position of facilitating change and responding to the demands arising from business and organisational needs as well as having to cope with growing human and work issues.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • understand coach’s/coachee’s strengths and areas for improvement;
  • recognise the appropriate situation to coach, consult, correct or counsel at the workplace;
  • equip with coaching content and competencies to perform that responsibility effectively for higher performance;
  • provide an overview of giving and receiving feedback; and
  • weave the 4 relationship micro-behavioural coaching competencies.




Participants should be able to interact more effectively with team members, customers, peers, subordinates and superiors as well as significant others. Participants should be able to co-create effective relationships and seek solutions to problems. In a nutshell, the participant is able to enhance social intelligence and work productivity.


Purpose and Outcome

The purpose of this seminar is to provide a core structure for understanding human behaviours and personality functions through social psychology using the principles of Transactional Analysis. The staff members and supervisors will elicit profound self-awareness and reflection of their personal attitudes and behaviours. The learning outcome would be for them to apply the techniques/skills in challenging situaions.


Course Objectives

By the end of this seminar, participants should be able to:

  • take staff members through social psychology to understand self and others better;
  • use empowered communication strategies to improve professionalism of staff member;
  • build team members’ and customers’ loyalty; and
  • resolve challenging situations with greater professionalism



Module 1 Understanding Self, Team Members and Customers Through Social Psychology
Module 2 Building Mental and Social Intelligence in Challenging Situations
Module 3 Applying Social Intelligence in Challenging Situations
Module 4 Using “real-world” Case Studies for Work Application 



Course Objectives

By the end of this seminar, participants should be able to:

  • apply the coaching process, coaching conversation and core coaching skills;
  • develop rapport and coaching relationships;
  • equip with competencies how to give and receive professional feedback; and
  • engage in conversations that affirm your staff’s strengths and contributions while addressing their key areas of improvements.



Course Objectives

By the end of this seminar, participants will be able to use social psychology to:

  • understanding self, customers and team members in a workplace;
  • enhancing work relationships with customers and team members through effective communication;
  • staying effective in stressful situations at work;
  • managing and healing negative emotions and unhealthy mood; and
  • working with criticisms to create personal and professional changes.



Module 1 Understanding Self and Others through Social Psychology
Module 2 Using Transactional Analysis Communication to solve Work Problems
Module 3 Motivating Self and Others to increase Productivity
Module 4 Analysing Challenging Situations for Problem-Solving
Module 5 Managing Self for Healthy Living


Lecture, Case study, group discussion, psychological profiling and reflections.

Learner’s Profile

Customer Service Providers and Leaders of Teams.


  • Dr Jessica Leong
  • Ms Cheryl Leong

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