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Counselling Appointments via Email at; Whatsapp or SMS at 8121 8910.




Executive Counselling and Training Academy 

1 Kay Siang Road #08-02 Singapore 248922





Dr Jessica Leong                   PhD Counselling Psychology

Dr Tan Teck Koon                  Msc Counselling

Mr Joel Chua                         Msc Counselling

Ms Babara Seet                     Msc Counselling

Ms Charlene Teo                    Msc Counselling

Ms Jean Tay                          Msc Counselling

Ms Kalpalatha                        Msc Counselling

Ms Reena Goenka                Msc Counselling

Mr Danny Ho                         Msc Counselling

Ms Kong Seet Mui                 Msc Counselling

Ms Jeanette Houmayune      Msc Counselling

Ms Irene Lum                        Msc Counselling